About Us

A Letter From Our Family

Banyan Dental is owned and operated by  Dr. Jade Thomas.  Dr. Jade Thomas graduate of the University of Tennessee and have practiced in private dental practice settings in Florida for many years.

The "one simple mission" it to provide the highest quality dentistry at the most affordable price available.

OK, maybe that’s two missions, but the heart of that mission still hasn’t changed. We have dedicated ourselves to researching, developing, and observing, in an effort to discover precisely what patients need and want out of their dental experience. Whether it is a small filling or complex full-mouth restoration, Banyan Dental has mastered the science and art of making your experience as simple and rewarding as possible.

As premier dental offices in the Treasure Coast, Banyan Dental recognizes that dentistry is an art as well as a science. Because of their dedication and passion to their profession, Dr. Thomas have created thousands of brilliant new smiles throughout the Treasure Coast. Our passion for our profession comes from seeing the charm, confidence, and the beauty that comes with the life-changing experience of a new smile.

Thanks to an overwhelming welcome by the community, our new locations in St. Lucie West are experiencing the same rapid growth and patient satisfaction as we have experienced in the past. Banyan Dental is rapidly becoming the name that sets the standard for exceptional dentistry in the Treasure Coast. We are happy that the residents of the Treasure Coast are viewing us as a fine quality and affordable dental office that they know they would be able to rely on for years to come.

Our family is sincerely appreciative of the support that the community has given us and we look forward to many years of providing care to the residents of Port St. Lucie