Silver or amalgam filings are the most commonly used type of dental fillings. The filling was introduced to the dental care community in the early 1830s. Recent news has been changing people’s minds about dental amalgam, making it imperative that dentists in Port st. Lucie, FL explain why these fillings are safe and why you do not need to remove them.

The Heart of the Controversy

Our Port St. Lucie office understands your concerns regarding amalgam filings. The reason why most people are beginning to fear these types of fillings carries some truth, but it is misleading. We want to give you both sides of the spectrum to help clear up some information you might have read or heard. Consider the following:

  • Amalgam fillings contain mercury and other metals like silver and copper.
  • Some people believe that silver fillings can lead to mercury poisoning.
  • Mercury from a filling can leach into the body when it begins to wear down.



amalgam fillings Port St Lucie

Now, you know why it is okay to be leery of amalgam fillings. Dr. Jade Thomas encourages his patients to care about their oral health and overall health. Finding out the truth about these important statements is very wise.

Answering the Controversy and Putting Your Mind at Ease


The first thing that you should know is that mercury exists everywhere. It is a naturally-occurring substance that you not only eat every day but also breath. Consider the following facts about these types fillings:

  • Mercury is at its most dangerous state when it is in vapor form. This means that it has to be inhaled, which is not what happens with your fillings.
  • Yes, a little mercury could leach into your system, but the amount is less than what you are exposed to in your daily life. Keep in mind that the body does remove mercury on its own, naturally.
  • You have an increased chance of developing mercury-related issues when you consume fish with high levels of mercury, like sharks or swordfish than your silver fillings.

Banyan Dental Port St. Lucie  understands that you are an inquisitive person, and you are probably wondering if there is any evidence that dental amalgam is safe. Yes, there have been countless studies that show there is no link between these types of fillings and high levels of mercury in the body.

Should I Have my Silver Fillings Replaced if They are old?

Fillings are not permanent. This means that age, normal wear and tear of teeth with filings or damage to a tooth could make it impossible for you to continue to use that same filling. At this point, the team at Banayn Dental would recommend dental restoration to protect you from cavities.

Choosing the Right Port St. Lucie Dentist for Your Dental Needs

There are several options available that a dentist can help you with. Let us know about your oral health concerns so that we can provide the best possible treatment for you. Because we care about your overall well being, we want to put your mind at ease and be completely honest with you.


Banyan Dental utilizes treatment methods that are simple, painless and can be done in short easy sessions that are sure to make room for your lifestyle needs.

You are in good hands when you visit Dr. Jade Thomas and his team at Banyan Dental of Port St. Lucie.