Cavities And Dental Fillings

When you are experiencing tooth pain, there may be a number of reasons for the discomfort. Cavities are the most common culprits and occur where decay has started. This usually happens when bacteria builds in your mouth after eating and drinking sugary substances without cleaning your teeth.

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If you are receiving resin composite veneers, they are generally applied in one office visit. The process for applying ceramic or porcelain veneers is a bit more complicated. Upon your first visit, x-rays will be taken. A slight amount of tooth enamel will be removed so that an impression can be created for the final application.

When receiving dental filling Port St. Lucie services, you will be numbed before the treatment so that discomfort is kept to a minimum. The decay will be drilled away so that it stops spreading to the rest of the tooth. A filling is placed into this hole, which restores the function of the tooth.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Filling Materials

  • Amalgam. Amalgam fillings are very strong and last a long time. Since they can withstand rough chewing, they are ideal for back teeth. Unfortunately, they are a dark color that does not match the regular shade of enamel.
  • Composite. Composite fillings match the natural color of teeth. They are not as strong as amalgam fillings. However, a bonding process connects them to teeth, which increases the strength of the structures. In certain cases, composite fillings may shrink with time. This can heighten the chances for future decay.
  • Metal. Like amalgam, metal is quite durable. It will not corrode in the mouth. However, it will not blend with the tooth’s natural color, and it is the most expensive filling option.

Seeking Help from Banyan Dental

Ignoring tooth pain may make the underlying problem worse. If a cavity has started, it will only grow bigger and do more damage with time. Receiving a dental filling may fix the issue. At Banyan Dental, we will keep you comfortable while alleviating your pain. To end your discomfort, schedule an appointment today.