Port St. Lucie Children’s Dentist, Dental Hygiene Tips

Port St. Lucie children’s dentist Dr. Jade Thomas is concerned about a trend among children 2 to 11 years old. It seems that more children are getting cavities, and the dentists at Banyan Dental believe that part of this might deal with dental hygiene habits.

However there is no need to fret. The body is quite resilient, and adjusting a child’s dental routine might help prevent cavities and other oral issues. The following are just a few tips to improve your child’s oral habits.

Do Not Overdo It!

One mistake that is common among parents is making their child brush excessively. You want your child to brush his or her teeth three times a day and rinse from time to time if needed. Unnecessary brushing might hurt your child’s gums.

Keep the Brush Slightly Bent

Another issue that some children develop is brushing too harshly. This could happen because children want to do a good job and please their dentist or you.

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Other children might just want to show the bacteria in their mouths who is king or queen. Clearly, there could be many reasons why a child might brush his or her teeth harshly, and this is something that you need to discourage. You do not want the bristles to bend to the point that the bristles stick out like an old broom.

Harsh brushing can hurt your child’s gums, and it could also wear down tooth enamel. Likewise, worn enamel can lead to dental cavities or dental sensitivity.

Remember Those Dental Appointments


You are not the only parent who has a child who does not want to visit the dentist. This is something that everyone at Dr. Thomas’s office is aware of, though we do our best to create a welcoming atmosphere where your child can feel comfortable.

The reason we emphasize routine visits is because kids need a deep cleaning twice a year. This visit is great for your child, as it ensures that his or her teeth are professionally clean. It also allows the specialists at the dental office to make sure no issues are creeping up.

Teach the Proper Brushing Technique

Some children do not understand the proper technique to use when brushing their teeth. It is important that you go over the steps until your child feels like it is second nature to him or her. Pay attention to the following:
  • Keep the bristles at a 45 degree angle
  • Brush inner, outer, back molars, and tongue
  • Short strokes are always best
  • Brush away from the gums to avoid hurting them

Keep an eye on That Timer!

Another important thing that your Port St. Lucie children’s dentist wants all parents to remember is the timer. A dentist for children in Port St. Lucie FL will teach your child the importance of brushing his or her teeth for at least two minutes at a time. Brushing for two minutes, though a little more is okay, ensures that your child is brushing enough. There is much more that you can learn that will help provide beautiful and lasting teeth for you and your child from Banyan Dental St. Lucie West. We are concerned about protecting teeth and one of our goals is to help improve dental hygiene habits so that all of our patients will be able to benefit from it.