It’s easy to assume that if you haven’t met the retirement age, you shouldn’t consider getting dentures or partials. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you have missing teeth, or suffer from tooth decay, and dental implants are not within your budget, dentures and/or partials are a great option.

Sitcoms and comedies have left us with the impression that if we sneeze or laugh to hard, our false teeth will fall out of our mouths and land in the nearest glass of water. Luckily, with recent advancements, this isn’t something you’re likely to ever have to worry about. Below, we’ll discuss why dentures or partials may be a good choice for you.

Cost-Effective Alternatives

It’s not a secret that individual dental implants can get expensive if you need all of your teeth replaced. Luckily, there are alternatives available to most patients today. There is denture stabilization where mini implants are inserted into the bone and the denture is then attached.

Why Dentures in Port St. Lucie?

Our Port St. Lucie dentures can be an affordable alternative. Our dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth, and can be secured easily to ensure they don’t fall out. So not only are dentures and partial dentures more affordable than their alternatives, but they also stay in place easier than in decades past.

Dentures and partials can be removed easily. With this easy removal, you’ll be able to clean your dentures or partial dentures overnight without much work. While you can brush your dentures like normal teeth, dropping them in a cleaning solution is much easier.

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Little To No Maintenance

Aside from cleaning your dentures and partials, there’s very little you need to do to keep them in top-notch condition. Dr. Jade Thomas of Banyan Dental in Port St. Lucie West will provide you with a rundown of everything you need to know to keep your dentures or partial dentures in great condition.

You Smile Matters


Sure, when you’ve lived your whole life with a less than perfect smile, it can be easy to just give up. Unfortunately, your oral health can’t afford for you to just give up. If you’re suffering from tooth decay, you need those teeth extracted before an avalanche of health issues begin to appear. Dentures will help you get the beautiful smile you desire without breaking your bank account.

Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

When you’re looking for high-quality Port St. Lucie dental care, consider Dr. Jade Thomas first. Dr. Thomas is known to be one of the best cosmetic dentists Port St. Lucie West has to offer. Call our office now to schedule an initial consultation, or stop by for more information. It’s time for you to stop hiding and smile the way you were meant to.