Good Eating Habits Can Prevent Dental Problems!

Your family dentist in Port St. Lucie might tell you that a well-balanced diet decreases cavity-causing bacteria and improves dental hygiene.

Healthy eating habits go a long way toward promoting great oral health. Conversely, poor nutritional habits can damage your oral health and create serious dental issues.


What should I eat to promote good oral hygiene?

In order to keep healthy teeth and gums, it is essential to maintain a well-balanced diets. Avoiding excessive sugar in your diet is also important in reducing the chances of accumulating the bacteria that can cause cavities.

What causes tooth decay?

All the Best Dentists in Port St. Lucie will tell you that the primary cause of tooth decay is bacteria that has accumulated in your mouth creating acids that then begin to create cavities.

Sugary foods are more likely to create these acid-forming bacteria leading to gum disease and tooth decay which can lead to the loss of teeth if not treated properly.

Good Nutrition Habits for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Healthy eating habits go a long way toward promoting great oral health. Conversely, poor nutritional habits can damage your oral health and create serious dental issues.

The best diet for good dental health is a well-balanced nutritional plan that includes a variety of healthy foods. This may include meats, vegetables, dairy products, breads and fruit.

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Oral Health Tips – Avoid Extreme Diets Which may Cause Health Deficiencies


Avoid dietary deficiencies caused by extreme diets that eliminate whole groups of foods and may lead to deficiencies in your overall health including your dental health.

For more specific tips on what is included in a well-balanced diet see the websites of the National Institute of Health as well as the American Dietetic Association and also consult with your dentist about eating tips and other ways to improve your dental hygiene.

Snacking for Good Oral Health


Developing healthy snacking habits can go a long way toward preserving the health of your teeth and gums. As stated earlier, it’s important to avoid sugary foods. In addition avoid sticky foods that will cling to your teeth and wedge between them creating bacteria.

Better choices for snacking include crunchy vegetable snacks as well as fruits. Also pay attention to the overall healthiness of the snacks to avoid excess fat and sodium and to avoid other health concerns such as cholesterol.

Rinse After Snacking to Prevent Harmful Bacteria and Improve Dental Hygiene

When you are done snacking you may want to brush your teeth, or at least rinse out your mouth to remove as much food residue as possible. This will help reduce the formation of harmful bacteria and prevent tooth decay.

Good Oral Hygiene is the Best Prevention of Halitosis

For positive oral health, pleasant breath and a great smile one of the best things you can do is practice healthy eating habits. Avoiding serious dental issues is much more likely if you watch what you eat, brush and floss twice each day, and get regular check-ups and teeth cleaning from your Port St. Lucie Family dentist.

Taking Care of Your Oral Health – Family Dentist Port St. Lucie

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