Periodontist Port St Lucie, Dr. Thomas explains that periodontal disease, or gum disease, is an infection of the gums that destroys the supporting structures of a patient’s natural teeth, gums, and jawbone progressively. Periodontal disease comes in several different types, and each type requires different treatments. In most cases, periodontal disease is painless. However, a lack of pain doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry or do something about it.

What are the Causes of Periodontal Disease?

The number one cause of gum disease is bacterial plaque. Plaque alone will not cause it, but if you’re genetically susceptible, you’re more likely to develop it. This chronic disease cannot be cured. 75% of adults are affected by periodontal disease at some point in their life, and more adults over the age of 35 lose their natural teeth due to gum disease than from cavities.

What Are The Symptoms?



Normally, there are no show-stopping symptoms associated with periodontal disease. The destruction patients experience happens beneath the gum line. This is common in smokers. When this happens, the gum tissue can look normal. When combined with a lack of pain, it’s hard to identify the disease until it’s too late. A periodontal examination will show if the disease is present.

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Who is at Risk?

Smoking, diabetes, and certain medications can cause periodontal disease. If you have a genetic disposition you’re also at risk. Hormones associated with puberty and pregnancy can cause this disease to develop. Teeth grinding, clinching, and poor oral hygiene are other risk factors to consider.

Do You Need Treatment?


If you’re suffering from periodontal disease, you need treatment. It doesn’t matter if you feel pain or not. Periodontal disease is best managed when it’s caught early on. Dr. Thomas, periodontist Port St Lucie is well-known for helping patients treat and maintain gum disease. Our dental office in Port St Lucie can help you identify your issue early on so that you can experience optimal oral health.

Don’t Put Off Periodontal Treatment

Delaying treatment is the worst thing you can do. Sure, you might not feel pain, but maintaining your oral health is a vital part of keeping your natural teeth throughout your life. Losing your teeth isn’t part of the aging process. When you lose your teeth, it’s due to years of neglect. Begin with preventive treatments. You’ll thank yourself twenty years down the road. Whether you need an examination or treatment, Dr. Jade Thomas is your best choice when it comes to preventing oral health issues.

Choose an Experienced Port St Lucie Periodontist 

Give Banyan Dental in St. Lucie West a call to learn more about this problematic gum disease issue and to schedule an appointment. Getting the proper treatment early on can help prevent more serious periodontal problems. 

Banyan Dental provides treatment methods that are simple, pain free and can be accomplished in short easy sessions that are certain to allow room for your lifestyle needs.