Root Canal

When inflammation or an infection is present in your tooth’s root, the best way to solve the problem is with root canal treatment in Port St. Lucie. Problems develop when there is a deep cavity that has infiltrated the tooth’s pulp. A normal filling will not work. The best way to preserve the tooth is with this type of procedure.



The Root Canal Procedure

Many people believe that this type of a treatment is painful. In fact, it is rarely worse than the sensation of receiving a traditional filling. Your dentist will numb the area so that you remain as comfortable as possible. During the procedure, the tooth’s interior pulp is removed, and the root chambers are cleaned and disinfected. After the infected material is gone, an antibacterial filling is placed into the tooth. To maintain structure and strength, a dental crown may be used to cap the tooth as well.

Root Canal treatment Port st. Lucie at Banyan Dental

Benefits of a St. Lucie West Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth has extensive damage, it may be necessary to have it extracted. Since most people want to avoid pain and the results of having a tooth pulled, a root canal treatment may be a better option. Besides saving a tooth, here are various benefits of this procedure.

  • Normal Bite. When a tooth is missing, it makes it difficult to chew food properly. Depending on the tooth’s location, it will not be possible to achieve normal biting force. Saving the tooth will keep things in proper alignment and balanced.
  • Protects Other Teeth. When a tooth is missing, a person tends to use the other side of his or her mouth for most chewing purposes. This can cause extra strain and wear on these teeth. Saving the tooth protects your other teeth.
  • Better Appearance. Unless the damaged tooth is in the extreme back of your mouth, having it pulled will leave a large or noticeable gap in your smile. In certain circumstances, a large space in your mouth will make your facial structure sag in time. Having a root canal performed will save the tooth and provide a natural look to your face.

Banyan Dental for Your Root Canal Treatments

At Banyan Dental , we are dedicated to improving patients’ dental health. If you are in pain and in need of a root canal procedure to save your tooth, you can trust your treatment to Dr. Jade Thomas at Banyan Dental.